Happy Bday to Me!!!


LOVE SONG – Joseph Brodsky

If you were drowning, I’d come to the rescue,
wrap you in my blanket and pour hot tea.
If I were a sheriff, I’d arrest you
and keep you in the cell under lock and key.

If you were a bird, I ‘d cut a record
and listen all night long to your high-pitched trill.
If I were a sergeant, you’d be my recruit,
and boy i can assure you you’d love the drill.

If you were Chinese, I’d learn the languages,
burn a lot of incense, wear funny clothes.
If you were a mirror, I’d storm the Ladies,
give you my red lipstick and puff your nose.

If you loved volcanoes, I’d be lava
renlentlessly erupting from my hidden source.
And if you were my wife, I’d be your lover
because the church is firmly against divorce.

re-birth of my blog…. :p

It’s been a while since i wrote my wordpress. Well actually, almost over 2 years.

But now I’m back with more things to come *yaaaaay!!!*

Basically my blog is all about me. It’s everything that came across my brain *although i doubt if i had one*.

Well i guess that’s all for now… *what?*

Yeaah yeaaah, I know. A very short introduction after postponed almost 2 years huh, but that’s all for now guys.

See ya when i write…..

kiss kiss