This was Numberone’s project. Cant wait to see The M Bag in stores!!!
Photographer : Rudi Wijaya
Asst. Photographer & DI Artist : me ^_^


My Rosario

Beach Boys and a Girl

This picture was taken when I was in Bali. At first, I didn’t mean to make any photo concept there, I was just having fun with my best friends there. We went to Blue Point beach, such an amazing beach!!! I didn’t take pictures of the beach itself, I wonder why… Hmmmm… But then again, among all those crazy poses that we made, this picture I love the most ^_^

EGO by NumberOne

Mas Ito’s

Photographer & DI Artist : Me

Mas Ito new tattoo :)

re-birth of my blog…. :p

It’s been a while since i wrote my wordpress. Well actually, almost over 2 years.

But now I’m back with more things to come *yaaaaay!!!*

Basically my blog is all about me. It’s everything that came across my brain *although i doubt if i had one*.

Well i guess that’s all for now… *what?*

Yeaah yeaaah, I know. A very short introduction after postponed almost 2 years huh, but that’s all for now guys.

See ya when i write…..

kiss kiss