Oldies but Goodies (part 1)

This picture was taken by Reza. He’s such a talented with a vision photographer. I did the magic in Photoshop ^_*


Dicca and Felix’s photosession at Lempuyangan

Here’s some old pics which was taken a few years ago. With Stanley Dirgapradja and me as the photographer, Dicca Suryo and Felix Kiddo as the model.

anak jalanan

I just took a photo shoot with my sister, Desy Kirana and Steve Martin.

Well actually they set me up!!! When i just got back to Jogja and had some dinner at nasi goreng tugu, i saw new graffiti across the street and i simply said, “kayanya lucu yah poto disana…”. It took seconds for them to think the photo concept, what to wear and stuff without asking my opinion. Geez, what a friend they are huh…..

But I got some nice pictures though… LOL

That was some of the pics which was taken by me. Unplanned photo concept, but it’s ok, I guess. LOL