She’s getting married!!!!!

Here’s the thing about my dearest lovely friend Nana; I met her around 2002, it was our freshman year. We were majoring English Letters, share the same hobbies and etc. But now!!!! I just can’t deal her with getting married! Hahahaha it was like happy and jealous at the same time, happy because she finally met the love of her life, sad because why noooowww???? :((

but overall I’m happy for both of you!!!

Nana & Ichal


Love is in The Air

Love is in The Air was the theme of the month of love, February. This pic was made when I was still in Kayonna, in 2009. Well basically this is an old pic, but I guest worth to publish 🙂

Oldies but Goodies (part 1)

This picture was taken by Reza. He’s such a talented with a vision photographer. I did the magic in Photoshop ^_*

Kiki and Harris’s

the last pic is the people who involve in this project 🙂 *rudi as the photographer, leo as the make up artist and me as the DI artist*

Mesya and Stevie’s

Photographer & DI Artist : Me

MUA : Leo