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Happy Bday to Me!!!

Love is in The Air

Love is in The Air was the theme of the month of love, February. This pic was made when I was still in Kayonna, in 2009. Well basically this is an old pic, but I guest worth to publish 🙂

LOVE SONG – Joseph Brodsky

If you were drowning, I’d come to the rescue,
wrap you in my blanket and pour hot tea.
If I were a sheriff, I’d arrest you
and keep you in the cell under lock and key.

If you were a bird, I ‘d cut a record
and listen all night long to your high-pitched trill.
If I were a sergeant, you’d be my recruit,
and boy i can assure you you’d love the drill.

If you were Chinese, I’d learn the languages,
burn a lot of incense, wear funny clothes.
If you were a mirror, I’d storm the Ladies,
give you my red lipstick and puff your nose.

If you loved volcanoes, I’d be lava
renlentlessly erupting from my hidden source.
And if you were my wife, I’d be your lover
because the church is firmly against divorce.

Tribute to Karen Ninna

Karen Ninna


Model : Cindy

Photographer : Rudi

MUA : Yenny

DI Artist : Me

Miror miror on the wall…

model : Cindy

Photographer : Rudi

Location : Little Garage

MUA : Yenny

DI Artist : Me